STALIN tap-proof cell phone case - "SMALL" Camouflage

STALIN tap-proof cell phone case - "SMALL" Camouflage

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Nowadays, it's no problem whatsoever to locate your mobile phone, to tap or scan it, or to track it even several months after the event. Switching off your mobile or taking out the SIM card unfortunately does not work either, even removing the phone's battery will not protect YOU from being tracked.




Does it help to take out the SIM card?


The IMSI Catcher can also find out the respective IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the mobile being used. This equipment number is a globally unique device number of the mobile phone and is frequently also used to locate stolen devices.


Does it help to take the battery out?


Unfortunately this won't do the trick either, as there's a small computer inside your mobile phone.


Like all other computers it has an emergency power supply to keep time settings and data stored intact. This power supply is of course enough to transmit a "Ping" signal.


Foreign secret agencies have been able to activate the microphones of switched off mobile phones for quite some time. This means they could be listening in even when mobile phones actually appear to be switched off. That something like this is possible was confirmed by the FBI as early as 2006.


 The Solution 


STALIN - a tracking-proof mobile phone cover


When closed this mobile phone cover totally blocks all connections of the mobile phone: data transmission, wire-tapping, silent texts and tracking become impossible. The interior lining is made of a special material: 3-ply shielding fabric. This is a dense, polyamide fabric with a very high metal content for the extensive shielding against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and low-frequency electric fields. The magnetic closure positioned on the inside ensures, even when used frequently, that no signal can escape or enter. The STALIN gives 300% protection, rendering even a scan carried out in its immediate proximity, impossible. Made by hand coupled with an internal function inspection of every case.



Product details:


Colour: Camouflage


Material: exterior made of imitation leather, interior made of tracking-proof fabric


Closure: 2 magnetic stud closers


Height: 140 mm


Width: 110 mm


Interior dimensions: for mobiles up to 130 x 85 mm








The shown cell phone is only MAYBE included ;-)


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