Safebag "Also perfect for travelers"

Safebag "Also perfect for travelers"

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Fortune favours the prepared mind!

Safebag – the secret bag you can attach yourself!


“Hello, I’m the practical and nearly invisible Safebag. I am ideal for keeping CleanUrin or valuables like money, credit cards or jewellery safely hidden away right against your body. The patented button system allows you to attach me simply and comfortably to any part of the body you can imagine, right on your clothing. Because I’m so small and handy, I don’t get noticed during checks and I’m also comfortable to carry.

At festivals, on trips and at parties, I look after ALL your secrets. I give you a safe feeling that you’ll never want to be without again.”


The Safebag keeps CleanUrin or your valuables flexibly and easily hidden on any part of your body. Just attach to the inside of your clothing using the button system, and there you will have a secure, almost invisible hiding place.

Note: The SafeBag cannot be removed again, but can of course be washed with your clothes.


Facts & benefits:

  • Stays nearly invisible
  • Can be attached inside or on the clothing with ease using the button system (2 buttons included)
  • World's most flexible hiding place, as it's placement can be freely chosen
  • Ideal for CleanUrin, money, credit cards or small valuables


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